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Many patients struggle with teeth that are misaligned or improperly spaced. In the past, such a problem would normally force a patient to wear metal braces for a couple of years. But today, this type of problem can often be treated using Invisalign invisible aligners. By wearing a series of custom-fitted aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, a person can straighten their smile, correct spacing issues and greatly improve their oral health.

An Invisalign aligner is a tightly fitted device that a patient wears over their teeth in order to slowly adjust their positioning. Although the aligners can be taken out at any time, the patient is strongly encouraged to keep them in their mouth at virtually all times. In fact, the only real time that patient should take out their Invisalign aligner is when they are eating food or drinking anything other than water. This is very important for achieving the desired results.

Some of the reasons people use Invisalign aligners include:

  • Making teeth more evenly spaced
  • Correcting problems with bite
  • Aligning and straightening teeth
  • Adjusting rotated and crooked teeth

Approximately every two weeks, the patient will replace their current aligner with a new one. The new aligner should feel considerably tighter than the previous one, but it should begin to loosen slightly in the coming days. This is a positive sign, as it means that the Invisalign aligner is doing its job of adjusting the positioning of the teeth. Invisalign aligners achieve fast results because they are custom-made to fit the user’s teeth.

Invisalign aligners offer many advantages when compared with traditional metal braces. The primary benefits come from the fact that Invisalign aligners can be taken out as needed. This means that a user can eat and drink whatever they would like while receiving Invisalign treatment, and they will not need to make any major changes to their usual oral care practices. Invisalign aligners are also ideal for athletes, as they do not present any injury risks.

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Gracelyn S.

Dr. McLean's dental expertise and kind disposition are second to none. I have known her personally and professionally for 25 years and can vouch for her excellence as a dentist and a human being.

Lynn S.

Dr. Mclean is honest, extremely professional and her friendly office staff and physical environment makes for a welcoming, comfortable experience.

Rosa J.

I can't say enough how grateful to have Dr. McClean as my dentist. She makes visiting the dentist a pleasurable experience. She is honest, has integrity and has a very open personality/disposition. My kids and I enjoy going. I may have a future dentist as my daughter watched and inquired about how Dr. McClean cleaned her brother's teeth. Dr. McClean was very patient and answered all of my daughter's questions. Again, Dr. McClean is an awesome dentist! 😊 😍 πŸ‘
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Dr. O'Shaughnessy received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland College of Dental Surgery in 2005.

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