Dear Valued Patients,

You may or may not be aware the ADA, CDC, Department of Public Health and numerous other state entities have recommended that dentists postpone elective, non urgent and routine care for patients until MAY 20th. These agencies have called on dentists to continue emergency services viaTeledentistry, and critical emergency care requiring in office visits. Please do not hesitate to call us if you are experiencing signs and symptoms indicating a need for emergency care.

When treating patients, we will make every effort to implement prudent recommendations of protective measures to ensure the continued health and safety of patients as well as our staff. We have increased vigilance in the execution of our standard precautions and infection control procedures. We have also implemented the following:

* Telescreening patients for history of any international or domestic travel.

* Pre screening patients for history of contact with persons diagnosed or suspected with COVID-19.

* Pre screening of all patients to see if any COVID-19 symptoms within the last 14 days. (Fever, Dry Cough, fatigue, headaches etc)

* Majority of paperwork and health history to be filled out online.

* Modifying the schedules to avoid patient overlap or having more than one patient in the waiting room.

*All checkin's will be via phone from the parking lot. Patient will be called when operatory is disinfected and ready for treatment.

* Only the patient will be allowed in the clinical area with the exception of children under 14. No one will be allowed to wait in the waiting room.

* Closely monitoring the health of all staff members.

* Making sure the personal protective equipment is appropriate for the procedures being performed. Providers will wear protective eyewear an N95mask overlapped by a surgical mask and a face shield. Disposable gowns and head covers will also be implemented.

* Using high speed evacuation for all procedures producing aerosols.

*Having patients perform a pre-procedural mouthrinse with 1%hydrogen peroxide to reduce saliva loads with microbes.

*Cleaning and disinfecting highly touched areas after each patient. (An environmental assistant will be assigned for this purpose)

*Removing magazines, reading materials and other objects from the operatories and waiting rooms that are not easily disinfected.

*Placing plastic shields at the front desk areas to protect patients and staff during transactions.

We miss working and providing optimal healthcare to our patients. We ask that you exercise patience as we transition to the Post COVID -19 world. Your cooperation will be needed so that we can maintain all of the outlined information. This is critical to ensure the safety of all!


Dr. Mclean Dr. O'Shaughnessy Dr. Daniel Dr. Edwards & the entire Mcleansmiles staff.